Preventing Fraud and Mismanagement in Government: Systems and Structures

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 By Joseph R. Petrucelli, CFE, and Jonathan R. Peters  


The public sector provides some of the most basic services that are critical to a functioning society. Lacking a profit motive, these agencies nonetheless show patterns of fraud and behaviors that could be mitigated with the adoption of standards and best practices.

From Bridgegate to Iran-Contra, this book walks you through massive scandals that resulted from public mismanagement and fraud to illustrate how deeply entrenched, entity-specific norms can differ from actual best practices. In Preventing Fraud and Mismanagement in Government, you will learn about common types of public fraud and corruption, the forces that drive them and best practices to prevent them.

Highlights Include:

Understand why fraud exists in the public sector

Discover how your agency's mindset diverges from the norm

Review cases where agency practices diverged from financial best practices

Learn best practices in an objective, non-political context

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Copyright 2016
Hardcover, 560 Pages
Wiley; 1 edition

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Chapter 1: Government and How It Works

Chapter 2: Public Finance and How Government Creates Cash Flow

Chapter 3: Accounting for Government

Chapter 4: Who Works in Government and What Is Their Motivation?

Chapter 5: Fraud in Public Agencies: Horse Trading or Stealing

Chapter 6: Corrupt Policies and Actions

Chapter 7: Policing of Public Corruption and Fraud

Chapter 8: Final Thoughts

Appendix: Tables