Fraud Data Analytics Methodology: The Fraud Scenario Approach to Uncovering Fraud in Core Business Systems

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 By Leonard W. Vona, CFE, CPA  


Fraud doesn't always stand out within millions of transactions. In Fraud Data Analytics Methodology, you will learn proven techniques and methodologies to help you identify signs of fraud hidden deep within databases. Requiring no advanced software skills, you can easily implement and integrate these methodologies into your existing audit program.

You Will Learn How To:

Discover hidden signs of fraud

Build a holistic fraud data analytics plan

Identify red flags that lead to fraudulent transactions

Build efficient data interrogation into your audit plan

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Copyright 2017
Hardcover, 400 Pages
Wiley; 1 edition

Table of Contents:



Chapter 1: Introduction to Fraud Data Analytics

Chapter 2: Fraud Scenario Identification

Chapter 3: Data Analysis Strategies for Fraud Detection

Chapter 4: How to Build a Fraud Data Analytics Plan

Chapter 5: Data Analytics in the Fraud Audit

Chapter 6: Fraud Data Analytics for Shell Companies

Chapter 7: Fraud Data Analytics for Fraudulent Disbursements

Chapter 8: Fraud Data Analytics for Payroll Fraud

Chapter 9: Fraud Data Analytics for Company Credit Cards

Chapter 10: Fraud Data Analytics for Theft of Revenue and Cash Receipts

Chapter 11: Fraud Data Analytics for Corruption Occurring in the Procurement Process

Chapter 12: Corruption Committed by the Company

Chapter 13: Fraud Data Analytics for Financial Statements

Chapter 14: Fraud Data Analytics for Revenue and Accounts Receivable Misstatement

Chapter 15: Fraud Data Analytics for Journal Entries

Appendix A: Data Mining Audit Program for Shell Companies

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