How to Be a Successful Expert Witness: SEAK's A-Z Guide to Expert Witnessing

How to Be a Successful Expert Witness


By James J. Mangraviti, Jr., Esq., Steven Babitsky, Esq. and Nadine Nasser Donovan, Esq. 


Now in its third edition, How to Be a Successful Expert Witness: SEAK's A-Z Guide to Expert Witnessing is the standard desktop reference of experienced experts and the perfect starting point for less experienced expert witnesses. Newly updated and expanded to reflect the latest developments in expert witnessing, this is the comprehensive resource which every expert witness should have on their desk.


Hundreds of easy-to-understand examples with explanatory headnotes

Sample CVs, reports and sample cross examination and deposition questions

Simple-to-use checklists

Detailed index and table of contents to find what you need

Product Details:
Copyright 2015
ISBN 978-1892904454
Hardcover, 626 Pages

Table of Contents:


Chapter 1: Overview

Chapter 2: Fundamental Elements of a Lawsuit

Chapter 3: The Discovery Process

Chapter 4: Anatomy of a Civil Trial

Chapter 5: Evidence

Chapter 6: Qualifications

Chapter 7: Bulletproofing an Expert CV

Chapter 8: Properly Forming and Expressing Expert Opinions

Chapter 9: Methodology

Chapter 10: Bulletproofing an Expert’s Report

Chapter 11: Preparing to Testify at Deposition and Trial

Chapter 12: The Expert Deposition

Chapter 13: Direct Examination

Chapter 14: Cross-Examination

Chapter 15: What Attorneys and Clients Look for in an Expert

Chapter 16: How Attorneys Locate and Select Expert Witnesses

Chapter 17: Marketing an Expert Witness Practice

Chapter 18: Expert Witness Fees and Practice Management

Chapter 19: The Expert Witness Retention Agreement

Chapter 20: Expert Witness Liability and Risk Management

Chapter 21: Ethics and the Expert

Chapter 22: Handling Abuse

Appendix A: CV Quality Control Checklist

Appendix B: Report Quality Control Checklist

Appendix C: Deposition Areas of Inquiry

Appendix D: Areas of Inquiry During Cross-Examination

Appendix E: Complaint

Appendix F: Answer

Appendix G: Sample Answer to Expert Interrogatory

Appendix H: Sample Request for Production of Documents

Appendix I: Sample Schedule from Subpoena Duces Tecum

Appendix J: Sample Deposition Transcript

Appendix K: Referral Organizations

Appendix L: Expert Witness Directories

Appendix M: Legal Journals and Other Publications

Appendix N: Forensic Organizations

Appendix O: Bar Associations and Other Legal Associations

Appendix P: Sample Bills

Appendix Q: Sample CVs

Appendix R: Sample Reports

Appendix S: Fee Survey

Appendix T: Sample Expert Witness Disclosure