You Can't Lie to Me

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 By Janine Driver with Mariska van Aalst 


You Can’t Lie to Me explores essential tools that will enable you to detect deception and recognize a liar. Learn how to perfect your inner lie detector so you can feel more confident and create strong, more trusting relationships.

Lie detection expert Janine Driver delivers a step-by-step, foolproof program to:

Outsmart disloyal coworkers

Hire honest employees whose résumés and experience you can trust

Say “yes” to honest partners and avoid falling victim to deceptive tactics

Product Details:
Copyright 2014
Hardcover, 288 Pages
Paperback, 288 Pages
HarperOne; Reprint edition

Table of Contents:


Part 1: Powering up your BS Barometer

Chapter 1: The Truth About Lying

Chapter 2: How the BS Barometer Process Works

Chapter 3: When to Use the BS Barometer

Part 2: Mastering the BS Barometer Process

Chapter 4: Step 1: Gathering Intel

Chapter 5: Step 2: The Wiretap

Chapter 6: Step 3: The Stakeout

Chapter 7: Step 4: The Full Body Surveillance

Chapter 8: Step 5: The Interrogation

Part 3: Your BS Barometer in the Big Picture

Chapter 9: Putting It All Together

Chapter 10: The Self-Exam

Epilogue: Using Your Powers for Good