Getting the Truth: Discover the Real Message. Know Truth. Know Deception.

Getting the Truth

By Joe Koenig, CFE 




Getting the Truth won the 2016 Montaigne Medal Finalist Award and the 2016 Indie General Non-Fiction Award. This book shows you how to identify deception and discover the real message in your interviews. Using real-life examples, you will gain the skill and insight needed to uncover the truth.

You Will Discover How To:

Recognize incomplete lies as the partial truth

Uncover deception nurtured by imprecise communication

Structure questions to get the truth

Analyze statements to expose the facts

Product Details:
Copyright 2014
Paperback, 208 Pages
Principia Media

Table of Contents:


Chapter 1: Becoming a Trained Observer

Chapter 2: When is a Lie, a Lie?

Chapter 3: Tracks

Chapter 4: Alvin – The Communications Process

Chapter 5: Denials

Chapter 6: Introductions

Chapter 7: Contamination (Fruit of the Poisonous Tree)

Chapter 8: Minimizing Contamination

Chapter 9: Intentional and Sustaining Contamination

Chapter 10: How to Ask the Right Question, the Right Way

Chapter 11: Statement Examples and Analysis

Chapter 12: Investments

Chapter 13: Exercises