Corporate Fraud and Internal Control: A Framework for Prevention

  Corporate Fraud and Internal Control

 By Richard E. Cascarino, CFE, CIA 





Corporate governance legislation has become increasingly concerned with an organization’s ability to resist corporate fraud. This book will teach you how to develop and implement an effective anti-fraud program for your business. It focuses on the appropriateness of the internal controls system in fraud risk mitigation, as well as mechanisms to ensure effective implementation and monitoring on an ongoing basis.

Corporate Fraud and Internal Control includes discussion of: 


The nature of fraud

Knowing your business’ specific areas of vulnerability

Red flags – how to know when fraud has taken place

How you can reduce the likelihood of fraud

Tracing and recovering lost assets

Recognizing fraud specific to individual industries


Product Details:
Copyright 2013
ISBN 978-1-118-30156-2
Hardcover, 388 pages
John Wiley & Sons Publishing

Table of Contents:


Chapter 1: Nature of Fraud

Chapter 2: Elements of the Crimes of Theft and Fraud

Chapter 3: Frauds Against the Individual

Chapter 4: Frauds Against the Organization

Chapter 5: Fighting Corruption

Chapter 6: Role of Ethics in Fighting Fraud

Chapter 7: Controlling Fraud

Chapter 8: Fraud Risk Management

Chapter 9: Investigating Fraud

Chapter 10: Computer Fraud and Countermeasures

Chapter 11: Legal Issues Surrounding Fraud

Chapter 12: Industry-Related Fraud Opportunities