Corporate Probation: The Use of Independent Monitors to Improve Compliance and Prevent Fraud

2012 Webinar Image  CPE Credit: 2
Course Level: Basic
Prerequisite: None





Corporate Probation explores the increasing use of independent monitoring as a requirement contained in deferred prosecution agreements, civil and criminal settlements and administrative agreements involving contractor fraud or misconduct.

Discover the reasons for requiring a monitor in a range of circumstances, including regulatory violations, false claims, bribery/kickbacks and procurement integrity issues. Also, learn how monitoring can be an effective mechanism for prosecutors and government agencies to ensure that contractor compliance problems have been effectively resolved and will not be repeated. Case studies illustrate how independent monitoring has been successfully used in a variety of industries and circumstances, including health care, Medicare/Medicaid fraud, construction and public works, anti-money laundering, environmental protection and research.

What you will learn:

Learn how federal, state and municipal government agencies and law enforcement can benefit from requiring the use of independent monitors as an alternative to more punitive actions against contractors and other regulated entities.

Discover how independent monitoring can be used as a proactive tool to implement oversight controls and reduce fraud risk on new or ongoing government contracts in a variety of industries.

Identify how independent monitors are selected; the methodologies they use to conduct their work; and how they issue their reports to the government.

Explore the ways in which monitors can help government contractors and regulated entities develop effective internal controls and effective ethics and compliance programs that reduce risk; build public confidence; and demonstrate due diligence to government agencies, regulators and law enforcement.

Learn how to remedy past contractor performance problems and ways to improve government oversight of contractor execution, as well as methods for enhancing internal controls.


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