Snakes in Suits: When Psychopaths Go To Work

  Snakes in Suits

 By Paul Babiak, PH.D., and Robert D. Hare, PH.D.



Psychopaths may enter as rising stars and corporate saviors, but all too soon they’re abusing the trust of colleagues, manipulating supervisors, and leaving the workplace in shambles. In Snakes in Suits, corporate psychologist Dr. Paul Babiak teams up with psychopath expert Dr. Robert Hare to focus on the psychopath’s role in modern corporations. They found that it’s exactly the modern, open, more flexible corporate world that is the perfect breeding ground for these employees.

Snakes in Suits reveals the psychopath’s secrets, introduces the ways in which they manipulate, deceive, and helps readers see through their games. It is a compelling, frightening, and scientifically sound look at exactly how psychopaths work in the corporate environment, teaching you how they apply their “instinctive” manipulation techniques to business processes. It’s a must read for anyone in the business world, making you aware of the subtle warning signs of psychopathic behavior – before it’s too late.


Product Details:
Copyright 2007
ISBN 978-0-06-114789-0
Paperback, 336 pages
Harper Collins Publishing

Table of Contents:


Chapter 1: Nice Suit. Would a Snake Wear Such a Nice Suit?

Chapter 2: Who Are These People?

Chapter 3: What You See May Not Be What You See

Chapter 4: Psychopathic Manipulation: How Did He Do That?

Chapter 5: Enter the Psychopath, Stage Left

Chapter 6: Pawns, Patrons, and Patsies: Roles in the Psychopath's Drama

Chapter 7: Darkness and Chaos: The Psychopath's Friends

Chapter 8: I'm Not a Psychopath, I Just Talk and Act Like One

Chapter 9: Enemy at the Gates

Chapter 10: Hot Buttons and Weak Spots: Personal Self-Defense

Chapter 11: The Fifth Column: Psychopaths in Our Midst