Introduction to Fraud Examination

Intro to Fraud Examination  CPE Credit: 20
Course Level: Basic
Prerequisite: None




Introduction to Fraud Examination features ten hours of footage including coverage from the ACFE’s popular Principles of Fraud Examination seminar, expert narration and interviews with convicted fraudsters. This course covers the basics of fraud examination by focusing on the major areas including criminology and ethics, legal elements of fraud, fraudulent financial transactions and fraud investigation. Introduction to Fraud Examination is the perfect introductory course for someone new to or unfamiliar with the anti-fraud profession, and provides a comprehensive review for experts in the field.

You Will Learn How To:

Interpret the fraud theory approach

Recognize fraudulent financial transactions and statements

Employ fundamental interviewing techniques

Identify the legal elements of fraud

Define corruption, bribery and conflicts of interest

Apply investigation methods, including locating information, interviewing and
documenting evidence

Examine criminology, ethics and fraud prevention


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Table of Contents 
Sample Chapter

The 17 video segments include: 


Introduction with Dr. Joseph T. Wells, CFE, CPA - 45:02

Causes of Fraud - 24:22

Planning the Investigation - 24:41

Legal Elements of Fraud - 37:18

Management's and Auditor's Responsibilities - 37:34

Legal Issues - 27:31

Fraud Schemes - 38:41

Sources of Information - 28:20

Financial Statement Fraud - 38:57

Interviewing Prospective Witnesses - 45:08

Rules of Evidence - 23:36

Evaluating Deception - 42:29

Analyzing and Managing Financial Information - 18:17

Admission Seeking Interviews - 42:11

Prevention of Fraud - 31:47

Testifying - 31:32

Signed Statements & Report Writing - 30:10


Field of study: Specialized Knowledge and Applications

Last Updated: April 2013


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