From One Winning Career to the Next

  From One Winning Career to the Next

 By J. David Quilter 



From One Winning Career to the Next is for those who desire to transition from a government and/or military service career to the corporate world and become a business focused security leader. Author J. David Quilter's leadership experience spans decades of contributions in both the public and private sectors. Among Quilter's key contributions as a senior security executive at four Fortune 500 corporations has been implementing new security paradigms that directly contribute to the business bottom line. This book focuses on the leadership skills the next generation of security leader needs to have a positive impact for any business or organization.

This book is ideal for those who:  


Are transitioning from a government or military position to business security leadership

Want to understand why security leadership is a priority in the post 9-11 world

Are the administrator or executive of any educational, financial, industrial, or health care institution

Want to understand the new paradigm of security leadership, and especially how a true security leader can positively impact corporation’s “bottom line.”

Are concerned about the safety and well-being of your employees and clients

Need to hire a skilled security professional to analyze, foresee, mitigate, and prevent crises in your organization

Are a lifelong learner and enjoy “thinking outside the box”


Product Details:
Copyright 2008
ISBN 978-1-934385-08-1
Paperback, 186 pages
Security Executive Council

Table of Contents:


Chapter 1: A Security Leader's Journey

Chapter 2: A New Road Beckons

Chapter 3: Reconnaissance (Before You Sign On)

Chapter 4: Walking the Trail (After You Sign On)

Chapter 5: Learning the Business

Chapter 6: Challenges

Chapter 7: Losses & Gains Along the Way

Chapter 8: Companions on the Journey

Chapter 9: Moving Toward the Destination