50 Things You Can Do to Keep Your Job Now


50 Things You Can Do to Keep Your Job Now 


By J.T. Kirk 




In today's turbulent global economy, many factors exert a strong influence on the business climate and whether companies expand operations and hiring, or retreat until conditions improve. So what can you do to help put the odds in your favor of staying employed?

J.T. Kirk is a veteran hiring manager with more than 20 years of experience hiring, managing and leading employees in Fortune 500 companies. In 50 Things You Can Do Now to Help Keep Your Job, he gives you his insight into 50 skills, knowledge and personality characteristics managers value when they have to choose between "keepers' and those destined for workforce reduction. It's not always the smartest person who makes the cut, and Kirk tells you why in this no-holds-barred book.

Highlights of the book include:


Learn How to Assign Quantitative Value to Your Accomplishments

Learn to Create and Grow Your Own Personal Brand

Understand the Factors that Influence Your Promotability


Product Details:
Copyright 2011
Paperback, 172 Pages
Kings Crown Publishing

Table of Contents:


Chapter 1: Cultivate a Sense of Project Ownership

Chapter 2: Cultivate a Sense of Project Urgency

Chapter 3: Cultivate a Sense of Personal Integrity

Chapter 4: Cultivate a Desire to Help Others Succeed

Chapter 5: Cultivate an Attitude of Being in Business for Yourself

Chapter 6: Learn How to Address Troubled Projects

Chapter 7: Learn to Manage the Scope of Projects

Chapter 8: Upgrade Your "Software" Skills

Chapter 9: Reframe Your Perceptions of Confidence to Overcome the Imposter Syndrome

Chapter 10: Understand the Three Limits to Any Project and How to Negotiate Them

Chapter 11: Learn to Do Meetings the Right Way

Chapter 12: Use Discretion in Social Media Posts About Anyone or Any Company

Chapter 13: Keep a Log of Your Project Successes

Chapter 14: Learn How to Assign Quantitative Value to Your Accomplishments

Chapter 15: Become a Better Writer to Improve Your Written Communications

Chapter 16: Expand Your Vocabulary to be Able to Better Articulate Problems/ Solutions

Chapter 17: Learn to Create and Grow Your Own Personal Brand

Chapter 18: Become a Great Listener

Chapter 19: Learn the New Way to Network

Chapter 20: Know Your Blind Spots

Chapter 21: Feed and Grow Your Network

Chapter 22: Build Your Influence on the Job

Chapter 23: Participate to Increase Your Visibility

Chapter 24: Understand the Factors that Influence Job Satisfaction

Chapter 25: Understand the Factors that Influence Your Promotability

Chapter 26: Learn How to Manage the Jerk Boss

Chapter 27: Learn to Balance Work and Life

Chapter 28: Develop Critical Thinking Skills and Watch Out for "Groupthink"

Chapter 29: Avoid Seeking Affirmation and Acknowledgement of Your Expertise

Chapter 30: Give Away Well-Deserved Praise Without Expectation of Anything in Return

Chapter 31: Show Up for Work Early; Leave a Little Late

Chapter 32: Understand the Organization's Tolerance for or Resistance to Change

Chapter 33: Understand Plagiarism to Avoid It

Chapter 34: Step Up Without Hesitation When Called Upon

Chapter 35: Get Involved in Company-Sponsored Community Projects

Chapter 36: Always Seek Out the "Other" Right Solution to a Problem

Chapter 37: Join Professional Associations for Your Field

Chapter 38: Grasp All Types of Expertise to Entrench Your Position at Work

Chapter 39: Opt for Offering Learned Opinion Rather than the Uniformed Kind

Chapter 40: Minimize the Use of "Hedging" Language in Your Writing

Chapter 41: Master All Your Competencies to Solidify Your Position

Chapter 42: Learn How to Say "Yes" to More Project Work (Without Getting Overloaded)

Chapter 43: Understand the Pros and Cons of Psychic Income Your Job Provides

Chapter 44: Become a "Clutch" Performer

Chapter 45: Avoid Becoming a Cubicle Crawler

Chapter 46: Learn How to Rethink "Management" as an Individual Contributor

Chapter 47: Learn When Not to Ask for a Raise

Chapter 48: Five Strategies You Can Use to Protect Yourself Against Age Discrimination

Chapter 49: Learn How to Recognize Frankenstein Organizations

Chapter 50: For the First Three Months, Shut Up and Listen

Chapter 51: Bonus: They Can't Pay You Enough to be Miserable