Writing & Defending Your Expert Report

  Writing & Defending Your Expert Report 

By Steven Babitsky, Esq. and James J. Mangraviti Jr., Esq. 




Your expert opinion is only as strong as your expert report. Opposing counsel can and will use every tactic, fair and unfair, to turn your own report against you. A well-written report is your first and best line of defense from such attacks. Equally important is your ability to recognize counsel's tactics and neutralize them.

This book provides ideal training for professionals on how to draft a written case report that is both persuasive and understandable. The authors explain the legal pitfalls that can undermine the effectiveness of an expert report and they provide practical advice on how to stand up to cross-examination and defend a report on the witness stand.

Several model reports are also included to demonstrate common errors and show examples of effective form, style and content.



Product Details:
Copyright 2002
ISBN 978-1892904218
Hardcover, 404 pages
SEAK, Inc.

Table of Contents:


Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Discoverability of Expert Reports and Related Material

Chapter 3: Legal Requirements: Rule 26 Reports, Reports Used in Summary Motions, and Magic Words

Chapter 4: Preparation of Reports and the Assistance of Counsel

Chapter 5: Formatting

Chapter 6: Properly Disclosing Precise Documents Reviewed

Chapter 7: Stating the Expert's Qualifications Accurately and Objectively

Chapter 8: How to Best Express and Document Detailed and Specific Factual Assumptions

Chapter 9: The Importance of Staying Within One's True Area of Expertise

Chapter 10: Stating Opinions and Conclusions in a Defensible Manner

Chapter 11: How to Use Citations to Texts, Guidelines, Codes, Articles, and Other Authority to Bolster a Report's Credibility

Chapter 12: Making Your Report Powerful, Persuasive, and Understandable

Chapter 13: Damaging Superfluous Language and Information That Should Not Be Included in Expert Reports

Chapter 14: Red-Flag Words to Avoid

Chapter 15: Proofreading for Mistakes

Chapter 16: Defeating Counsel's Tactics

Appendix A: Advice From the Trenches

Appendix B: Model Reports