Cross-Examination: The Comprehensive Guide for Experts

  Cross-Examination: The Comprehensive Guide for Experts

By Steven Babitsky, Esq. and James J. Mangraviti Jr., Esq. 




The ultimate measure of every expert is how well he or she performs during cross-examination. Cross-Examination: The Comprehensive Guide For Experts will help experts quickly and efficiently master the art of responding to each and every cross-examination question truthfully and artfully. Experts will learn how to prepare for, anticipate, identify and effectively deal with opposing counsel's tactics, including:


What opposing counsel is likely to ask and why

How to prepare for and defeat counsel’s tactics

Multiple responses to 75 of the most difficult questions experts may face

How jurors perceive cross-examination of experts

What opposing counsel can and can not ask

Dozens of advanced techniques to perform superbly during cross-examination

How to become a “dangerous” expert


Written concisely and clearly, this book provides hundreds of examples and practical advice for all skill levels.


Product Details:
Copyright 2003
ISBN 1-892904-23-3
Hardcover, 414 pages
Seak, Inc. 

Table of Contents:


Chapter 1: Introduction and Executive Summary

Chapter 2: How an Attorney Prepares to Cross-Examine an Expert

Chapter 3: How to Prepare for Cross-Examination

Chapter 4: How Jurors Perceive Cross-Examination of the Expert

Chapter 5: Advanced Cross-Examination Techniques for Experts

Chapter 6: What Experts Can Expect to be Asked on Cross-Examination

Chapter 7: Legal Limitations to the Scope of Cross-Examination

Chapter 8: Defeating Counsel's Cross-Examination Tactics

Chapter 9: How to Answer Trick and Difficult Questions

Chapter 10: How to Become a Dangerous Expert Witness