Canadian Law & Private Investigations

  Canadian Law & Private Investigations

 By Norman J. Groot, CFE 





The only book of its kind, Canadian Law & Private Investigations combines legal analysis and practical insights to create a must-have reference guide for those interested in Canadian legal writing. By including synthesized common law doctrines, Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms issues and current federal and provincial legislative trends, this book is an invaluable resource for private investigators, lawyers and fraud examiners.

Key highlights include:


The judicial system in Canada

Authorities and liabilities of private investigators

Provincial Private Investigators and Security Guards Acts

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Confidentiality of Health Information (The Krever Inquiry)

Inquiry of Policing in British Columbia (The Oppan Inquiry)

Evidence and litigation issues for private investigators


Product Details:
Copyright 2001
ISBN 1-55221-059-6
Paperback, 526 pages
Irwin Law, Inc. 

Table of Contents:


Chapter 1: The Machinery of Justice

Chapter 2: Security Guard Acts

Chapter 3: The Canadian Charter

Chapter 4: Criminal Liability

Chapter 5: Other Relevant Legislation

Chapter 6: Tort Law

Chapter 7: Pretexts and Medical Information — The Krever Inquiry

Chapter 8: Inquiry into Policing in British Columbia — The Oppal Inquiry

Chapter 9: The Laws of Evidence

Chapter 10: Litigation Issues