Managing the Risk of Fraud and Misconduct

Managing the Risk of Fraud and Misconduct

Edited by Richard H. Girgenti, CFE, and Timothy P. Hedley, CFE  





Maintaining and enhancing the integrity of an organization in a global, regulated and digital environment has become an increasingly complex and difficult challenge for business leaders. Despite major legislative and regulatory reforms over the past decade, the headlines are replete with instances of corporate misdeeds. This solution driven book provides insights from top experts who walk you through proven approaches to customize a strategy for preventing, detecting, and responding to fraud and corruption by building a culture of ethics and integrity.

Managing the Risk of Fraud and Misconduct will help you to stay a step ahead of tomorrow’s demands by providing guidance on how to:

Assess your organization’s vulnerability to fraud and misconduct, and design and implement controls to prevent, detect and respond to these occurrences

Address increased regulatory enforcement and enhanced scrutiny

Preserve and create value from corporate governance and compliance programs

Use technology and data analytics to mitigate fraud and misconduct risks

Evaluate the ongoing effectiveness of your compliance program



Product Details:
Copyright 2011
ISBN 978-0-07-16212-98
Hardcover, 336 pages
McGraw Hill

Table of Contents:


Chapter 1: Asset Misappropriation

Chapter 2: Financial Reporting Fraud

Chapter 3: Bribery and Corruption

Chapter 4: Money Laundering and Trade Sanctions

Chapter 5: Falsifying Government Claims and Insider Trading

Chapter 6: Building an Integrated and Comprehensive Compliance Program for Sustainable Value

Chapter 7: Prevention: Risk Assessment

Chapter 8: Prevention: Codes of Conduct, Communication, and Training

Chapter 9: Prevention: Corporate Intelligence

Chapter 10: Detection: Mechanisms for Reporting Fraud and Misconduct

Chapter 11: Detection: Auditing and Monitoring

Chapter 12: Response: Investigations

Chapter 13: Response: Government Settlement Agreements

Chapter 14: Response: Recovery, Presentation, and Analysis of Electronically Stored Information