Digging for Disclosure: Tactics for Protecting Your Firm's Assets from Swindlers, Scammers and Imposters

  Digging for Disclosure

By Kenneth S. Springer, CFE, and Joelle Scott  



Financial crimes constantly victimize sophisticated companies, executives and business deal-makers. Whether you’re planning a major investment, undertaking an acquisition or merger, or simply wishing to safeguard your operational assets, learn how not to let this happen to you. In this book, the leaders of a world-class corporate investigations firm show you exactly how to protect yourself.

Drawing on decades of experience as corporate and criminal investigators, Kenneth S. Springer, CFE, a former FBI agent, and Joelle Scott teach powerful techniques for recognizing and exposing fraud and corporate crime.

Through dozens of real-world stories, the authors show how to:

Think like a swindler
Find the criminal past of an executive
Locate former employees who have critical information about the company you are dealing with
Understand the true state of a borrower’s finances
Find crucial information that only exists offline
Perform background checks on people and corporations
Investigate the potential involvement of organized crime

 These days, you must know who you’re dealing with. Digging for Disclosure will help you make sure you do.



Product Details
Copyright 2011
ISBN 978-0-13-138556-6
Hardcover, 187 pages
FT Press

Table of Contents:


Chapter 1: Just When You Think

Chapter 2: A Swindler State of Mind

Chapter 3: We Call That a Clue

Chapter 4: The Gray Area: Somewhere Between Fraud and Fudging

Chapter 5: Sometimes, You Just Gotta Ask

Chapter 6: Crossing Borders: International Investigations

Chapter 7: Digging for Disclosure

Chapter 8: The Competitive Edge

Chapter 9: Never Too Late: When Problems Arise Post-Investment

Chapter 10: Tracking Down a Threat

Chapter 11: Now That is Criminal

Chapter 12: Dial "F" for Fraud: The Benefits of an Ethics Hotline

Chapter 13: This One Goes Out to the Attorneys

Chapter 14: The Godfather in the Boardroom

Chapter 15: Show Me the Money: Asset Investigations

Chapter 16: Investigating the Inc.

Chapter 17: You, the Referee

Chapter 18: The Secret Sauce

Chapter 19: Testing, Testing