Broker, Trader, Lawyer, Spy: The Secret World of Corporate Espionage


By Eamon Javers




Today’s global economy has a dark underbelly: the world of corporate espionage. Using cutting-edge technology, age-old techniques of deceit and manipulation and sheer talent, spies act as the hidden puppeteers of globalized business. They control markets, determine prices, influence corporate decisions and manage the flow of data and information of some of the world’s biggest corporations. In his gripping and alarming book, Eamon Javers takes the reader inside this hidden global industry. Readers meet with spies who conduct surveillance operations, satellite analysts who peer down on corporate targets from the skies, veteran CIA officers who work for hedge funds and even a Soviet military intelligence officer who now sells his services to American companies.

This globalized industry is not a recent phenomenon, but rather a continuation of a fascinating history. The story begins with Allan Pinkerton, the nation’s first true “private eye” and extends through the annals of a rich history that includes tycoons and playboys, presidents and FBI operatives, CEOs and accountants, Cold War veterans and military personnel. Build on exclusive reporting and unprecedented access, this book features accounts of Howard Hughes’s private CIA, the extensive spying that took place in a battle between two global food companies and interviews with some of the world’s top corporate surveillance experts.


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Copyright 2010
Hardcover, 306 pages
Harper Business

Table of Contents:


Chapter 1: Code Name: Yucca

Chapter 2: A High and Honorable Calling

Chapter 3: For the Money

Chapter 4: The Man Is Gone

Chapter 5: Thug Busters

Chapter 6: The Chocolate War

Chapter 7: Tactical Behavior Assessment

Chapter 8: The Eddie Murphy Strategy

Chapter 9: Nick No-Name

Chapter 10: They're All Kind of Crazy

Chapter 11: Is This a Great Country, or What?

Epilogue: In from the Cold