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International CFE Exam Video Review Course

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LP - IFCB Audio Generic ImageDesigned as a supplement to the  CFE Exam Prep Course, International Edition, the International CFE Exam Video Review Course features video presentations from ACFE instructors exploring the topics that candidates often find the most confusing and the subjects that often appear on the Exam. The Video Review Course reinforces topics covered in the Prep Course Software and provides an additional resource for CFE Exam preparation.


This course incorporates feedback from former participants to help provide relevant information and prepare you to pass the CFE Exam. Bring the instructor-led CFE Exam Review Course experience to your computer with the new International CFE Exam Video Review Course


The International CFE Exam Video Review Course: 


Reviews the most confusing subjects often included on the CFE Exam 

Features more than 10 hours of video commentary with CFE Exam Review Course Instructors

Includes a condensed edition of the Fraud Examiners Manual that helps you to concentrate on the most important areas of the CFE Exam 


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Important Note: The International CFE Exam Video Review Course is intended to supplement the information covered in the CFE Exam Prep Course software. If you have not already purchased the CFE Exam Prep Course click here to find out more information.


 System Requirements: 


 Flash Player 7 or later ( 

 Browser: Internet Explorer 6 and later, Firefox 1.x and later, Google Chrome, Opera 9.5 and later 

 Internet Connection: High-speed Internet recommended


Ratings & Reviews
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    how can i particpate in the members only instamenlemt plan to purchase the cfe 2013 prep counrse

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    I need the 2013 international edition. Or can I move ahead with the 2012 international edition?

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    What is the diferrences between the US edition and the international edition for the exam prep course ?

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    Good day sir, please when ill 2013 international edition of the cfe exams be ready that is the version I want to write. Thanks

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