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Mortgage Fraud and the Illegal Property Flipping Scheme: A Case Study of United States v. Quintero-Lopez

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 Mortgage Fraud and the Illegal Property Flipping Scheme 

By Alexis C. Bell, CFE, PI




In United States v. Quintero-Lopez, 15 defendants were indicted on 70 counts in the Southern District of Florida for a mortgage fraud scheme involving 16 fraudulent loans totaling $6 million in disbursements. This case study examines over 3½ years of activity, incorporates a detailed risk assessment and highlights best practices for prevention, detection, and investigation. The methodology of the scheme is detailed in a process flowchart, link analysis and timeline of events.


Product Details:
Copyright 2010
ISBN 978-1-470-16103-3
paperback, 126 pages
ALexis c. bell 

Table of Contents:


Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Case Summary

Chapter 3: Illegal Property Flipping Scheme

Chapter 4: Facts of the Case

Chapter 5: Risk Assessment

Chapter 6: Best Practices

Chapter 7: Analyst's Notebook

Appendix A: Mortgage Fraud Schemes as per the Federal Bureau of Investigation: 2009 Financial Crimes Report and the 2009 Mortgage Fraud Report

Appendix B: Process Flowchart for United States v Quintero-Lopez (2007)

Appendix C: Link Analysis for United States v Quintero-Lopez (2007)

Appendix D: Timeline Chart of Houses 1(a) through 4(d) for United States v Quintero-
Lopez (2007)

Appendix E: Timeline Chart of Houses 5(e) through 8(h) for United States v Quintero-Lopez (2007)

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