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2013 CFE Exam Prep Toolkit, US Edition

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2014 CFE Exam Prep Toolkit, US Edition Now Available  


Acquire the tools you need to prepare for the rigorous CFE Exam, or simply add to your collection of reference essentials with the 2013 CFE Exam Prep Toolkit, US Edition. 


This toolkit consists of four of the ACFE’s most comprehensive study tools which includes:


2013 CFE Exam Prep Course, US Edition: The latest edition of this comprehensive tool to help you become a Certified Fraud Examiner. The updated 2013 CFE Exam Prep Course is a computer self-study course that prepares you for the Exam while letting you study at your own pace.


 Corporate Fraud Handbook, Fourth Edition: Explore the three main categories of occupational fraud and abuse: asset misappropriation, corruption and fraudulent statements.  The book then explains, identifies and classifies thirteen common fraud schemes.


 Encyclopedia of Fraud, Third Edition CD-ROM: Written for practitioners, academics and anyone with an interest in fraud, the Encyclopedia of Fraud provides the you with easy access to the ACFE’s vast body of fraud knowledge.


2013 Printed Fraud Examiners Manual, US Edition: The premier reference guide for CFE’s and other anti-fraud professionals. This 2,000-page guide is divided into four sections including: Financial Transactions & Fraud Schemes, Investigation, Law and Fraud Prevention and Deterrence.


ACFE Members have the option to participate in the Members-Only Installment plan with only 6 monthly payments of $150 each (Credit cards only. Includes UPS ground shipping and administration fee. Any shipping fees over $30 will be added to the first installment payment.).  For more information call an ACFE Member Services Representative at (800) 245-3321 or +1 (512) 478-9000.


Limit of 1 toolkit per member. Please call an ACFE Member Services Representative at (800) 245-3321 or +1 (512) 478-9000 to purchase toolkits for multiple members. A member is not eligible to be certified until all installment plan payments have been received after passing the CFE Exam.  Texas residents pay additional sales tax.

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  • Avatar

    i need a version that is compartible with a Samsung tab how do i go about it

  • Avatar

    When will the 2014 edition of tool kit (for the international Version)be available?
    Also by when the flash cards be available?

  • Avatar

    Tunde Longe
    I need the toolkit now if i make payment when will it be available.Also is the tentative date to write the CPA prep Exam this year since i based in Nigeria.

  • Avatar

    Fantastic product for study and reference for work engagements. The on-line version of the Fraud Examiners Manual is a gold-mine for travel and if you like to have a book in your hand, the printed version. It just an idea, for the future, when there are significant or material updates to the manual, have them available for purchase based on the year manual you have, to a certain point. Say, manuals 2009 and prior, will no longer be supported with updates due to significant changes.
    (Refers to my purchase the U.S. 2013 Toolkit Edition.)

  • Avatar

    When will the 2013 toolkit for the international version be available?

  • Avatar

    what is the process to purchase on the 6 month payment plan?

  • Avatar

    My name is Gloria Mokone based in South Africa am not engaged with companies yet however,I need to purchase the toolkit in order to write the CFE Prep Exam when making payment must I include the shipping costs.

  • Avatar

    Is the toolkit available for the international version? I am going to do the CFE exam and was wondering if it matters signifcantly if I buy the US toolkit but am based in Ausralia?

  • Avatar

    Is this toolkit available for the International Version?

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This product is currently unavailable. Please contact ACFE Member Services at (800) 245-3321 for more details. We apologize for the inconvenience.