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Sophisticated data analysis and manipulation tools are important for any fraud fighter. Enable yourself to examine data easily and provide new levels of control over your information from within the Microsoft Excel® environment with the software application, ActiveData for Excel®.

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Special features of ActiveData for Excel® include: 

Powerful data analysis features let you merge, match and compare sheets; query, tag and select rows; sort, summarize, sub-total, split, sample, stratify; analyze duplicates (de-dupe) and detect gaps in sequenced items such as check (cheque) and invoice numbers; perform top and bottom performance analysis.

Manage your workbooks. Create indexed table of contents sheets for all of your workbooks. Search and replace across all of your workbooks. Instantly switch to any worksheet using our built-in sheet navigator. Automatically open any number of workbooks on Excel startup.

Manage your files. Analyze the contents of any directory (local or network) by presenting the file and folder listings in a spreadsheet format, complete with hyperlinks. Isolate your disk-hungry folders by finding out which folders (directories) are consuming the most space.

Control your selections. Use the Selection Navigator to affect precise control over your Excel selection.

View videos on ActiveData for Excel features.

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