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    The electronic version is printable?

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    Do you anticipate a large amount of changes in the 2013 version from the 2012?

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    This is not official advice from ACFE, but I would recommend continuing to study with the 2011 manual. The 2012 changes aren't extensive enough in nature to merit the added cost of the 2012 manual and I would highly doubt the examination will incorporate enough new material from 2012 to make a significant difference in your test score. If you develop a strong grasp of all the content in the 2011 manual, then the exam should not be a problem for you in my opinion.

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    I have downloaded the Fraud manual of 2011 in november 2011,I am still studying the same and will appear for CFE certification by end of September 2012.Can you suggest me that do I have to download a new version or should I continue reading the same? If yes,will there be any difference in the Question Pattern? How is it gonna be different for me ? Kindly help me in this dilema..Regards
    Nikhat Qureshi.

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