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Break Through: A Leader's Greatest Lesson

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 Break Through: A Leader's Greatest Lesson

By Dr. Paul Homoly, CSP  




Break Through, A Leader's Greatest Lesson is the story of Dan Morgan, CEO of Granite Financial Services, whose great success has brought an unintended consequence he isn’t ready for - leadership. For the first time in his life, Dan Morgan feels like he’s losing his grip - on his clients, his people and, worst of all, in his confidence. Then Dan meets the magical and charismatic Stanley Robbins who mentors him in leadership speaking. Stanley leads Dan on a personal journey, where Dan learns how to influence others by breaking through with the right words at the right time. With his colorful and humorous style, Stanley helps Dan become a leader-speaker who impacts others and compels them to take action.


Product Details:
Copyright 2007
ISBN 978-0977628919
Hardcover, 180 pages
Homoly Communications Institute

Table of Contents:


Chapter 1: Dan

Chapter 2: Julie

Chapter 3: Stanley

Chapter 4: A Simple Decision

Chapter 5: Leadership and Break Through

Chapter 6: The Leader Speaker

Chapter 7: Earning Attention

Chapter 8: Some People Just Don't Get It

Chapter 9: Connection

Chapter 10: Progress

Chapter 11: Movement

Chapter 12: Perplexed

Chapter 13: Dynamics

Chapter 14: Challenge

Chapter 15: Quick Start Structure

Chapter 16: Storytelling

Chapter 17: StorySelling

Chapter 18: The Spectrum of Appeal

Chapter 19: Oscillatory Patterns

Chapter 20: The Structure of Breaking Through

Chapter 21: Christie

Chapter 22: Stanley's Best Talk

Chapter 23: Steelman

Chapter 24: The Eulogy

Chapter 25: The Greatest Lesson

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