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The Handbook of Fraud Deterrence

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 The Handbook of Fraud Deterrence

By Harry Cendrowski, CFE, James P. Martin, CFE, and Louis W. Petro, CFE 




Stop fraud before it can happen to you. The Handbook of Fraud Deterrence equips you with the tools needed to prevent fraud in your organization. Divided into three sections, this book begins by examining "The Professional Environment of Fraud Deterrence" and takes an in depth look back ground information about the development of fraud deterrence techniques and procedures. Then the authors address "Tools of Fraud Deterrence" by explaining common tools used in fraud deterrence to implement an effective internal control system. In the final section of the book, "Applications of Fraud Deterrence", the authors describe real-world applications of the principles set forth by the "Tools of Fraud Deterrence."

This book is an essential resource for any anti-fraud professional working with internal control systems.

Highlights Include:


The History of Fraud Deterrence

The COSO Integrated Framework

Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 and Related Rules and Regulations

Generation-X Technologies and Information Assurance

Data Analysis and Monitoring

Deterring Fraudulent Financial Reporting and Asset Misappropriation

Fraud and the Bankruptcy Code

Identity Theft and Privacy Protection

Intellectual Property


Product Details:
Copyright 2007
ISBN 0-471-93134-9
Hardcover, 430 Pages
John Wiley & Sons Publishing 

Table of Contents:


Chapter 1: Fraud Deterrence as a Business Management Tool

Chapter 2: Definition of Fraud Deterrence

Chapter 3: History of Fraud Deterrence

Chapter 4: The Role of Professional Standards

Chapter 5: The Fraud Triangle

Chapter 6: Motivations of Fraud Deterrence and the Transition to Investigation

Chapter 7: A Fraud Deterrence Professional’s Overview of the Legal Process

Chapter 8: Human Resources Concerns

Chapter 9: Internal Control and Fraud Deterrence: The COSO Integrated Framework

Chapter 10: Recent Corporate Governance Reforms Enacted to Deter Financial Fraud

Chapter 11: Generation-X Technologies and Information Assurance

Chapter 12: The Impact of Communications Infrastructure on Fraud Detection and Deterrence

Chapter 13: Process and Information Validation

Chapter 14: Data Analysis and Monitoring: How Effective Data Analysis Can Identify Fraud Risk Indicators and Promote Business Intelligence

Chapter 15: Reporting

Chapter 16: Deterring Fraudulent Financial Reporting and Asset Misappropriation

Chapter 17: Fraud and the Bankruptcy Code

Chapter 18: Discovering and Preventing Fraud in Business Formation and Dissolution

Chapter 19: Identity Theft and Privacy Protection

Chapter 20: Intellectual Property

Chapter 21: Fraud Deterrence in the U.S. Private Equity Finance System

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