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Investigating Identity Theft: A Guide For Businesses, Law Enforcement, and Victims

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 Investigating Identity Theft: A Guide For Businesses, Law Enforcement, and Victims 


By Judith M. Collins 




Are you equipped to investigate identity theft within your business?

If you run a business, chances are you have lost money to identity theft and business fraud. According to FBI statistics, identity theft is the nation’s fastest growing crime, as well as the fastest growing category of Federal Trade Commission (FTC) complaints. Business employees who have access to sensitive business, customer, or other employee information perpetrate most identity theft fraud and cost organizations millions of dollars annually in lost productivity due to thefts of employee and customer identities. You need to know how you will respond when – not if - your business is victimized by identity theft and business fraud.

Written by Judith Collins, a highly regarded expert on identity theft, Investigating Identity Theft is informed by the author’s years of proactive experience through all aspects of conducting an investigation, from when the crime has been discovered to prosecution of the perpetrator. It is an invaluable resource that helps business managers, auditors, criminal justice teachers, investigators, law enforcement officials, and identity theft victims:

Know the crime and understand the criminal

Equip computer security for identity fraud investigations

Configure the computer for online investigations

Understand the victim, then prepare to launch the investigation

Authenticate and then investigate

Understand issues underlying identity theft investigations, using actual case examples

Take a walk through the Internet sites used by perpetrators

Trace e-mail addresses, IP addresses and URLs across the Internet

Learn cyber-search techniques for investigating frauds committed using stolen identities-over 1,000 Weblinks are provided to aid in fraud investigations


Investigating Identity Theft: A Guide for Businesses, Law Enforcement, and Victims gives readers a rare look at the process of conducting a successful identity theft investigation with practical, real-world guidance for each stage. The author’s authentic examples of identity theft cases demonstrate how perpetrators can be brought to justice.


Product Details:
Copyright 2006
ISBN 0-471-75724-1
Hardcover, 252 pages
John Wiley & Sons Publishing

Table of Contents:


Chapter 1: “Real World” Cases: Solved And Unsolved

Chapter 2: Know The Crime And Understand The Criminal

Chapter 3: Computer Security For Identity Fraud Investigations

Chapter 4: Configuring The Computer And Introduction To Cyber-Searching

Chapter 5: Understand The Victim: Then Prepare For The Investigation

Chapter 6: Authenticate Then Investigate

Chapter 7: Identity Fraud Investigation: A Case Example

Chapter 8: A Walk Through The World Wide Web

Chapter 9: Tracing IP Addresses And URLs Across The WWW

Chapter 10: Tracing E-mail Addresses

Chapter 11: Searching and Seizing: The Investigator's Role

Appendix: List of Web Sites for Identity Theft Searches

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