World Anti-Doping Agency Founder, Former CIO of Canada, Money Laundering Expert and More to Speak at Canadian Anti-Fraud Conference



The founder and former president of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), Dick Pound, has spent decades battling corruption and bribery within the International Olympic Committee. His experiences have made him passionate about rooting out any type of fraud, and he believes there are similarities between the high-stakes world of the Olympics and the international business world. “The win-at-all-costs syndrome produces the same kind of conduct in both scenarios,” he told the ACFE. “When things go international, the clash of cultures can exacerbate opportunities and expectations regarding corruption. International aspects make detection and enforcement more difficult.”

Pound will address more than 200 anti-fraud professionals at the virtual 2020 ACFE Fraud Conference Canada, November 1-4. He will share his stories of fighting bribery relating to cities bidding to host the Olympics, corruption in judging sports and pressure on athletes to dope. He will be joined by other speakers including Alex Benay — the former Chief Information Officer of Canada and current digital innovation expert and partner for digital and government solutions at KPMG; Martin Kenney, CFE — one of the world’s leading fraud and asset recovery lawyers and managing partner of Martin Kenney & Co., Solicitors; and Pamela Barnum — a former undercover police officer and prosecuting attorney who is now a trust strategist and body language expert.

Barnum told the ACFE that she hopes to share strategies with attendees that will make their jobs easier when it comes to interpreting body language. “Some of the biggest misconceptions about interpreting body language are that you can make a determination from a single cue,” she told the ACFE. “One of the first things fraud examiners should do to establish trust with a suspect is building rapport … During my presentation, I will be sharing techniques that investigators can implement using nonverbal communication to establish and maintain trust instantly.”

Concurrent sessions will include discussions about biometrics to fight identity theft, how to use automation to detect and prevent fraud during a pandemic, privacy rights and ethical dilemmas when using big data and more. This conference is an invaluable opportunity to hear from today’s anti-fraud leaders.


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