National Security and Corporate Risk Expert Says “We’re Not Winning” the War Against Digital Threats



Large-scale data breaches are now regular fixtures in the headlines, and as cybercriminals become more sophisticated, corporations and governments are rushing to keep up. “In almost four decades of security work, I have never witnessed a threat environment that has this type of volume, velocity and variety,” security expert Ray Boisvert told the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE). “The myriad of threat actors, now spanning an entire globe with increasingly sharp capabilities to strike remotely, has now completely redefined for us what security parameters look like.”

Boisvert, associate partner of security for IBM Canada and former assistant director of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, will address hundreds of anti-fraud professionals in Montreal this October at the 2019 ACFE Fraud Conference Canada. “We're not winning this war of digital security,” he said. “We've found some areas of success, and admittedly some strong avenues of resilience pursuit, such as AI, automation and orchestration. But the costs of a data breach keep rising.”

He believes that organizations, both in the private and public sectors, focus too much on external threats when they should be more concerned about insider threats. “[We] forget that data loss can and does frequently occur from the inside; mostly unwittingly, but increasingly through malicious acts.” He also stressed that although organizations are getting better about preparedness and response, most organizations don’t have an effective cyber incident response plan, which spells trouble for their data. “As witnessed in a number of recent high-profile cases, personal identifiable information is more valuable a commodity in the criminal world as are financial instruments such as credit cards.”

Attendees will gather at the Montreal Convention Centre on October 20-23 to hear from Boisvert, as well as other thought leaders like Henry Tso, CPA, CGA, CFF, director of investigative and forensic services for MNP, David Common, host and correspondent for CBC News, and others.

Concurrent sessions will include discussions about privacy in health care fraud investigations, the Internet of Things, money laundering in Canada and more. This conference is an invaluable opportunity to hear from today’s anti-fraud leaders and for journalists in the region to meet and cultivate expert sources for future stories.

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