Leaders in Anti-Fraud Industry to Discuss Anti-Money Laundering and Whistleblower Protections in Zurich



ZURICH, Switzerland (March 28, 2019) — Gretta Fenner, managing director of the Basel Institute on Governance, addressed more than 300 anti-fraud professionals today in Zurich at the 2019 ACFE Fraud Conference Europe to discuss the state of anti-money laundering in Europe. “The recent scandals (Danske Bank, UBS etc.) have clearly shown that we are far from doing enough in Europe to prevent and combat money laundering,” she said. “In a way these scandals are useful because they result in bringing these problems more to the attention of the broader public and of concerned regulatory bodies. It also helps organizations like ours to bring the message across that more needs to be done still.”

Fenner also said that lack of resources and prioritization on anti-money laundering has caused a gap between government compliance with regulations and enforcement. She was joined at the conference by the former executive director of Europol and current senior cyber partner at Deloitte, Sir Rob Wainwright, and associate professor of finance for the University of Zurich, Dr. Alexander Wagner.

Also presenting to attendees will be whistleblower Xavier Justo, who will discuss whistleblower protection. Justo is a former Petrosaudi International executive who leaked Petrosaudi documents to expose the 1MDB scandal, which brought attention to the corruption in multiple countries worldwide. Justo was imprisoned in Thailand for 18 months under false charges and returned to Geneva after his release in December 2016.

Educational sessions, taught by top experts in the anti-fraud field from around the world, are focusing on subjects ranging from GDPR compliance and ethics to social engineering and the dark web. To see video of sessions or read recaps of the conference, visit FraudConferenceNews.com. To request more information about the event, contact ACFE Public Information Officer Sarah Hofmann at SHofmann@ACFE.com.



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