ACFE Saudi Arabia Chapter Releases First Arabic Translation of Globally-Renowned Fraud Report



For the first time since the original report was published in 1996, the ACFE Report to the Nations on Occupational Fraud and Abuse has been translated into Arabic thanks to the efforts of the ACFE Saudi Arabia Chapter, with support from Saudi Aramco.

Waheed Alkahtani, CFE, President of the Saudi Chapter, believes this translation will help Arabic speakers in the Middle East access the valuable research in the report to further their anti-fraud efforts.

“Arabic is one of the six official languages that are recognized and used in United Nations meetings, and Arabic also is a liturgical language of 1.6 billion Muslims,” Alkahtani said. “Our goal was to translate the report to Arabic and have it available for Arabic readers in anti-fraud professions … A year before the 2016 Report to the Nations was published, I had a number of Arabic colleagues asking about the possibility to translate the report into Arabic. We are so glad that it became a reality.”

The chapter worked in conjunction with the Texas-based ACFE head office to create a copy of the report in Arabic. ACFE President Jim Ratley, CFE, encouraged the efforts shown by the chapter. “It is important for anti-fraud professionals to have as much information as possible at their disposal in order to best prevent and detect fraud,” Ratley said. “By translating this seminal report into Arabic, the ACFE Saudi Arabia Chapter is helping the fight against fraud not only in the Middle East region, but globally as well.”

The first Report to the Nations was published by the ACFE in 1996 and has been published every two years since 2002. Over that time, the report has come to be regarded as the most authoritative statistical resource available on occupational fraud. The report has been translated into Japanese and Turkish in previous years. The ACFE Saudi Arabia Chapter was established in 1997 and is one of six ACFE chapters in the Middle East.


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