Saudi Aramco Forges Corporate Alliance with Association of Certified Fraud Examiners



The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) have signed a Corporate Alliance agreement with Saudi Aramco which will allow selected Saudi Aramco employees to benefit through full ACFE membership, along with exclusive on-site training opportunities, discounted ACFE conferences and seminars, self-study courses, free quarterly webinars and access to the ACFE network of fraud examiner practitioners.

The agreement was made possible through the efforts of Saudi Aramco’s Internal Auditing, and under the patronage of Saudi Aramco General Auditor, Mr. Mohammed Subaie.

Mr. Mohammed Subaie, General Auditor of Saudi Aramco, views the agreement as a significant indicator and a firm statement of the company’s commitment towards fighting and preventing fraud with the leading association in fraud detection and prevention. Mr. Subaie said, “When budgets are tight and demand for accountability is growing, this partnership will help professionals in Saudi Aramco better mitigate fraud risks.”

The ACFE Corporate Alliance agreement is a program designed to help organizations proactively prevent fraud. Sixty companies, including First Gulf Bank, Oracle, Microsoft, Mashreq Bank, Airbus, and Citigroup, are currently ACFE Corporate Alliance members, offering an opportunity to benchmark and learn fraud prevention and detection best practices.

James D. Ratley, CFE, President and CEO of the ACFE said, “We are excited to welcome Saudi Aramco as our first Corporate Alliance member representing the oil industry; the industry is pivotal to the global economy and we are encouraged by Saudi Aramco’s dedication to preventing fraud.”   

Mr. Subaie highlighted the long history and the accomplishments of the ACFE in Saudi Arabia, starting with the establishment of ACFE Saudi Chapter #86, in 1997, to this agreement. Mr. Subaie said the agreement will encourage Saudi Aramco employees to use this venue to stay abreast and enhance their skill sets through participation in the company CAP agreement and earning their Certified Fraud Examiner credential.


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