Growing Risk in Louisiana from Disaster Fraud


Certified Fraud Examiners Aid in Protecting Public Interest


AUSTIN, TX - November 8, 2005 - The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), the world's largest organization of expert anti-fraud professionals, announced today it will conduct training in Louisiana to increase efforts to reduce the risk of businesses fraud in the region. National anti-fraud expert, Allen Brown, CFE, will lead the ACFE initiative in Louisiana by conducting free anti-fraud training to auditors and state employees.

"The State of Louisiana is currently suffering great economic loss due to the hurricanes and as part of the rebuilding process their will be an inflow of large amounts of money," explains, Allen Brown, CFE, CPA. "The governor, the legislature and state leadership at all levels have made a commitment that these funds will be reviewed and audited to ensure that they are used properly."

Recognizing the importance for certified state employees to remain current in their continuing professional education (CPE), the ACFE with Brown, ACFE adjunct faculty member and Director of Internal Audit at Louisiana Community and Technical College System in Baton Rouge, LA, to teach the intensive 2-day course, Conducting Internal Investigations.

"In a generous offer to help the state employees, the ACFE has graciously provided its anti-fraud resources and allowed me to teach this course free of charge for higher education auditors, at both public and private colleges and universities, and any other State of Louisiana employees, even if, or especially if, currently furloughed, who have continuing education requirements," he says. "I am not surprised as ACFE has always been supportive and generous to all its members."

The course provides the opportunity for state employees who hold certifications and licenses to obtain required continuing professional education hours. "It offers valuable insight into how to start, conduct and conclude an investigative project. Not only is the information beneficial to auditors and investigators but it also provides a good understanding to management on how to address issues of possible fraud," explains Brown.

"The response and gratitude being expressed by many people is tremendous" Brown says. "Some of whom have not only lost their homes but have also lost their jobs. This training and education is a positive step towards not only reinvigorating Louisian's economy, but the state of our economy nationwide."

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