Leading Anti-Fraud Organization Appoints Grossfeld CEO



January 4, 2006 - Austin, TX - Today the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners announced the appointment of Scott J. Grossfeld, CPA as Chief Executive Officer. Grossfeld assumes the leadership role of the organization following his service as the ACFE's CFO. The ACFE also announced that former President Toby J.F. Bishop has resigned to return to professional practice. Under Bishop's leadership, the ACFE grew from 25,000 to 35,000 members in three years and participation in ACFE educational opportunities grew by 60 percent.

Grossfeld is well-positioned to lead the ACFE in its role at the front of the anti-fraud profession. For more than ten years, he has helped organizations manage complex financial, accounting and technology-related business dynamics. He will champion the ACFE mission as the world's premier provider of fraud information and educational best practices for business and government as the organization looks to the future.

The growth of our membership by almost 15 percent in 2005 demonstrates our continuing role as the global leader in anti-fraud education at a time when fraud fighters are needed in all segments of the economy, Grossfeld said. As industries and markets change, the ACFE remains committed to delivering information, new and improved fraud-fighting techniques, trends and professional development.

The profession continues to evolve, so we will continue in our mission to support our members and the profession by providing innovative resources that address the high-tech nature of fraud today, Grossfeld said.

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