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The 90-Day CFE Exam Challenge is one of the most effective ways to help you prepare for and pass the CFE Exam – in 90 days.

What You Get As A Challenge Participant

A proven timeline to keep yourself accountable and on track Weekly guided check-ins with ACFE staff and former challenge participants  Access to a private discussion forum with your peers
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You will receive a monthly study plan – and additional study tips every two weeks – to help you complete important tasks and meet milestones along the way. While you’ll be responsible for creating your own study routine, weekly check-ins will help you meet all of your small goals along the way to passing the CFE Exam. You’ll be a member of a private group in the ACFE Community, where you can exchange study tips and encouragement with fellow future CFEs.
The moderators are great at responding to questions in the discussion forum and via email, and the encouragement from other participants is seriously invaluable. Brenda Auner, CFE

Investigative Auditor




Long Beach, U.S.

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