The Online Fraud Examiners Manual

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As a CFE, you get many valuable benefits. As fraud evolves, the ACFE provides you with an expanding library of resources to combat it. You now have exclusive access to the Online Fraud Examiners Manual as part of your membership. 

What is the Online Fraud Examiners Manual?

The Online Fraud Examiners Manual is the definitive body of knowledge for the anti-fraud profession. Complete with best practices and comprehensive guidance to help you do your job effectively, the manual covers the following four major areas of fraud examination:

  • I. Financial Transactions and Fraud Schemes

    Access descriptions of hundreds of fraud schemes, their red flags and mechanisms for preventing and detecting them. Learn basic accounting concepts.

  • II. Law
    Learn about the statutes and common law principles involved in prosecuting fraudsters through both the criminal and civil systems, as well as legal pitfalls you might encounter while conducting an investigation.
  • III. Investigation
    Explore the basic tools and techniques necessary to gather information and evidence when conducting a fraud examination and identifying perpetrators. The additional resources in this section contain a sample fraud examination report, a fraud examination checklist, and sample engagement and advisory letters.
  • IV. Fraud Prevention and Deterrence
    Explore why people commit fraud and what can be done to prevent it. Topics covered in this section include developing corporate governance practices, fraud prevention programs, fraud risk assessment and management, and management’s and auditors' fraud-related responsibilities.

What are the benefits of the Online Fraud Examiners Manual?

With the online version of the manual, you get:

  • Up-to-Date Information  Access the latest information and best practices in the anti-fraud profession with regular updates provided by the ACFE.
  • Convenient Access  Use the manual anytime and anywhere you have internet access. 
  • Search Capabilities  Find the information you need to do your job fast with advanced search functionality.
  • Supplemental Regional Information  Country-specific content intended to expand upon the general topics covered throughout the manual.