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  • Seminars 


    CFE Exam Review Course
    Master the concepts you need to pass the CFE examination during a 4-day instructor-led seminar. You'll benefit from the interactive format and expert coaching, then be able to take the exam on-site. Details 


    Basic Courses
    ACFE Basic Courses provide essential knowledge for all anti-fraud professionals. These seminars offer knowledge you can use immediately, while also laying a foundation for future professional development.

    Auditing for Internal Fraud 

    Conducting Internal Investigations 

    Fraud Prevention 

    Interviewing Techniques for Auditors: Eliciting Information 

    Introduction to Digital Forensics: Gathering and Preserving Electronic Evidence  

    Legal Elements of Fraud Examination 

    Principles of Fraud Examination 

    Professional Interviewing Skills 

    UPDATED -  Using Data Analytics to Detect Fraud 

    Intermediate Courses
    ACFE Intermediate Courses build on the basic level courses to broaden and deepen your fraud-fighting knowledge and skills.


    Detecting Fraud Through Vendor Audits 

    Digital Forensic Tools and Techniques: Taking Fraud Examination to the Next Level 

    Fraud-Related Compliance 

    Fraud Risk Management 

    How to Testify 

    Investigating Conflicts of Interest 


    Advanced Courses
    ACFE Advanced Courses are designed for more experienced anti-fraud professionals, offering opportunities to refine skills and develop expertise in specific areas of fraud fighting.


    Advanced Fraud Examination Techniques 

    Advanced Interviewing Techniques Workshop 

    Uncovering Fraud with Financial and Ratio Analysis 


    Overview Courses
    ACFE Overview Courses provide a general review of a subject area from a broad perspective. These programs may be appropriate for professionals at all organizational levels.


    Bribery and Corruption 

    Building Your Fraud Examination Practice 

    Contract and Procurement Fraud  

    NEW - Controlling the Risk of Asset Misappropriation 

    Effective Report Writing for Fraud Examiners 

    Financial Institution Fraud 

    Financial Statement Fraud 

    Health Care Fraud 

    Investigating on the Internet: Research Tools for Fraud Examiners 

    Money Laundering Schemes: Identifying and Investigating 

    Mortgage Fraud 

    NEW - Protecting Data and Intellectual Property 

    Tracing and Recovering Fraud Losses 


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       CFE Exam Review Course 

    April 28-May 1, 2014
    Phoenix, AZ



       Detecting Fraud Through Vendor Audits + How to Testify 

    May 19-21, 2014

    New York, NY