CFE Exam Development Committee

Thank you for your interest in serving on an Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) committee. The application process is currently CLOSED.


The purpose of the CFE Exam Development Committee (the Committee) is to improve and maintain the integrity and security of the CFE Exam through exam item development, review and guidance. 


The Committee shall be composed of no fewer than 20 and no more than 50 members, each of whom shall be a member of the ACFE in good standing. 

Current Committee Members 

  • Mr. Mikhail Ben Rabah, CFE, CIA, CRMA
  • Mrs. Sezer Bozkus, CFE, CRMA, CFSA, CIA 
  • Ms. Brenda R. Buetow, CFE, MBA, CAMS, NCCO 
  • Mrs. Theodora Dima, CFE, LLM
  • Mr. Dante T. Fuentes, CFE, CPA, CAMS
  • Dr. Robert E. Holtfreter, CFE, CICA
  • Dr. Troy Dean Janes, CFE, CPA
  • Mrs. Belinda M. Kitos, CFE, CICA
  • Dr. Jolene Lampton, CFE, CPA
  • Mr. Aaron Lau, CFE, CPA, CFP, CA
  • Ms. Arteniece L. Lee, CFE, MBA, AIC, CCEP1, ChFC
  • Mr. Eric A. Lee, CFE
  • Mr. Anthony W. Midthun, CFE, CAMS, FCLA, SCLA
  • Dr. Onkar Nath, CFE, CISA, CISM, CISSP
  • Mrs. Danielle Nelson, CFE
  • Mr. Israel Akinbode Owolabi, CFE, MBA
  • Mr. Perry Pahladsingh, CFE, RA
  • Mr. Emmanuel Pascal, CFE, CIA, CRMA
  • Mr. Venkat Keshav Pillai, CFE, ACA
  • Ms. Deepa Ramsunder, CFE, CIA, CAM
  • Mr. Muhammad Solwa, CFE, CA
  • Mr. Gary Tse, CFE, LLB, EnCE 
  • Dr. Lemar Tyson White, CFE 

Specific Duties 

The responsibilities of the CFE Exam Development Committee are to:

  • Develop new questions for the CFE Exam based on the CFE Exam Content Outline. 
  • Review pre-existing and peer-created CFE Exam questions for accuracy, difficulty and global applicability. 
  • Actively participate in CFE Exam question writing trainings and workshops. 
  • Complete assigned tasks in a timely manner. 


Meetings will be conducted virtually via Zoom. ACFE staff shall give reasonable notice to all Committee members of the day, time and purpose or purposes for any Committee meeting.  

Member Qualifications 

Qualifications to serve on the Committee include having significant experience in the anti-fraud profession. 

Applicants also must:

Term of Office 

At a minimum, members are required to participate in two hours of item writing training during each year of service and a two-hour virtual workshop meeting each quarter. Committee members must also be able to commit to an average of two hours of independent remote work each month. No travel is required. Members should be available to serve a two-year term, renewable based on fulfillment of content requirements, qualifications and expertise in the fraud examination profession. 


ACFE members who provide CFE Exam preparation or training services may not serve on the CFE Exam Development Committee.