The Billionaire's Apprentice: The Rise of The Indian-American Elite and The Fall of The Galleon Hedge Fund

By Anita Raghavan

Cover of the book The Billionaire's Apprentice
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This book details the relationship between the rise of the Indian-American elite and the collapse of the Galleon Group, a hedge fund that managed more than $7 billion in assets. The "Billionaire’s Apprentice" follows a sensational case that pitted U.S. prosecutor Preet Bharara, the son of Indian immigrants, against the best and brightest of the South Asian business community. At the center of the case was self-described King of Kings, Galleon's founder Raj Rajaratnam, a Sri-Lankan-born, Wharton-educated billionaire. 

Investigative journalist, Anita Raghavan, criss-crosses the globe from Wall Street boardrooms to Delhi's Indian Institute of Technology as she reveals an incredible tale of triumph, temptation and tragedy.

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ISBN ISBN 978-1-455-50401-5
Publisher Grand Central Publishing
Published Copyright 2015
Pages 288
Format Paperback

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 "Who Will Show Me the Way in the World?"
Chapter 2 "I Respectfully Decline to Answer the Question"
Chapter 3 A Family Affair
Chapter 4 Drama at IIT
Chapter 5 Birdie Trades
Chapter 6 Promises to Keep
Chapter 7 The Good Ship Galleon
Chapter 8 No Ask Hacks
Chapter 9 "The Tamil Tiger" of Wall Street
Chapter 10 Up or Out at McKinsey
Chapter 11 The Camera Never Lies
Chapter 12 The Corner Office
Chapter 13 Raj's Edge
Chapter 14 Building Offshore-istan
Chapter 15 Partying and Polycom
Chapter 16 Playing for Team USA
Chapter 17 The Wharton Mafia
Chapter 18 Reeling in Roomy
Chapter 19 Moonlighting at McKinsey
Chapter 20 A Vanaprastha on the Hudson
Chapter 21 The Dishonorable Disco
Chapter 22 On the New Silk Route
Chapter 23 The Million-Dollar Man
Chapter 24 "You've Gotta Be a Hustler"
Chapter 25 The Richest Maid in Silicon Valley
Chapter 26 The Wire
Chapter 27 "I Played Him Like a Finely Tuned Piano"
Chapter 28 A Friend on the Board
Chapter 29 A Tragic Call
Chapter 30 "Buy Goldman Sachs, Buy Goldman Sachs"
Chapter 31 Trading at the Setai
Chapter 32 Handcuffs for Breakfast
Chapter 33 "Why Is It So Quiet Around Here?"
Chapter 34 "He's a Bad Man"
Chapter 35 The Gupta File
Chapter 36 Kumar Sings
Chapter 37 An Unhappy Diwali
Chapter 38 Et Tu, Kumar?
Chapter 39 A Family Secret

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