Sunday Night Fears

By Tom Golden, CFE

This book’s author is a CFE

Book Cover for Sunday Night Fears


Sam Halloran is ambitious, a bit desperate, and running from an ugly past. He's got a family to support and everything hinges on his job as a newly minted auditor. But when he gets assigned to his first public company audit, he discovers something no one else did. Fraud...massive fraud! That's when the walls start to close in.


As Sam struggles with what to do and confronts the pain of his past, the company's smart, seductive accounting manager becomes both ally and temptation. With each piece of evidence painting a bigger target on his back, Sam wonders if she would rather help him uncover the truth or lead him straight into a deadly trap... Suddenly, average-joe-Sam becomes modern-day David, up against an unforeseen giant that could crush him in an instant. He's a guy in so deep, so suddenly, he hasn't yet checked the exits. And now it's too late to run. Will Sam expose the fraud before a powerful corporation has him erased from the ledger?

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This book's author is a CFE.
Label Value
ISBN 978-0999436301
Publisher Tom Golden Speaks
Published Copyright 2018
Pages 312
Format Paperback

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