Getting to the Truth

By Cliff Lansley

cover of getting to the truth book


When conducting a fraud examination, you are likely to experience deception during the interview process that could prevent you from uncovering the truth of how a fraud was perpetrated. Your ability to identify if an interviewee is being deceptive could be a deciding factor in the outcome of your next fraud examination.

In "Getting to the Truth," hone your ability to recognize deception by learning the 27 indicators of deception and improve your ability to see and hear what others are thinking and feeling by employing all six of a person’s communication channels.

Product Details

Label Value
ISBN 978-1-527-20634-2
Publisher Cliff Lansley
Published Copyright 2017
Pages 202
Format Paperback

Table of Contents

Part 1 Truth, Lies and Emotions
Chapter 1 The Power of Emotions
Chapter 2 Emotional Intelligence
Chapter 3 Psychological Model of Lies
Chapter 4 Truth Leakage
Chapter 5 Being Attentive
Chapter 6 Cluster of Pins
Part II Six Channel Analysis – Realtime(SCAnR)
Chapter 7 Channel 1 – Interactional Style
Chapter 8 Channel 2 – Voice
Chapter 9 Channel 3 – Verbal Content
Chapter 10 Channel 4 – Facial Expressions
Chapter 11 Channel 5 – Body Language
Chapter 12 Channel 6 – Psychophysiology
Chapter 13 PEEVR Model
Appendix I SCAnR Coding Summeary
Appendix II Research Behind the 27 Criteria
Appendix III Glossary of Terms

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