Fraud Analysis Techniques Using ACL

By David Coderre

Book Cover for Fraud Analysis Techniques
Fraud Analysis Techniques Using ACL


Filled with screen shots, flow charts, example data files and descriptive commentary highlighting and explaining each step, as well as case studies offering real-world examples of how the scripts can be used to search for fraud, "Fraud Analysis Techniques Using ACL" is the only toolkit you will need to harness the power of ACL to spot fraud.

"Fraud Analysis Techniques Using ACL" offers auditors and investigators: 

  • Authoritative guidance from David Coderre, renowned expert on the use of computer-assisted audit tools and techniques in fraud detection
  • An accompanying download containing a thorough Fraud Toolkit with two sets of customizable scripts to serve your specific audit needs
  • Case studies and sample data files that you can use to try out the tests
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to run the tests
  • A self-study course on ACL script development with exercises, data files, and suggested answers

Product Details

Label Value
ISBN 978-0-470-39244-7
Publisher John Wiley & Sons Publishing
Published Copyright 2009
Pages 176
Format Paperback

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Start and Menu
Chapter 2 Completeness and Integrity
Chapter 3 Cross-Tabulation
Chapter 4 Duplicates
Chapter 5 Gaps
Chapter 6 Data Profile
Chapter 7 Ratio Analysis
Chapter 8 Benford’s Law
Chapter 9 Developing ACL Scripts
Chapter 10 Utility Scripts

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