Corporate Resiliency: Managing the Growing Risk of Fraud and Corruption

By Toby J. F. Bishop, CFE, CPA, FCA and Frank E. Hydoski

This book’s author is a CFE

Corporate Resiliency
Corporate Resiliency: Managing the Growing Risk of Fraud and Corruption


The twenty-first century global economy brings cheaper sources of supply and huge new markets, but also exposes companies to much greater risks and consequences of fraud and corruption. As a result of greater enforcement around the world, global media attention and changing attitudes of consumers, fraud and corruption can now cost companies billions and destroy or severely damage their reputation. 

Thought leaders Toby Bishop and Frank Hydoski argue that this scenario can make many companies more vulnerable to serious loss. They make a business case for boards and senior executives to adopt a fraud and corruption risk management strategy that can reduce vulnerability while increasing the ability to bounce back if fraud or corruption occurs. 

The authors provide practical insights and highlight traps to avoid. Quotes from their interviews of business executives provide international perspectives regarding changes in fraud and corruption risks and techniques companies are adopting to deal with them. 

This solutions-centered book discusses: 

  • Reducing risk management surprises through better fraud and corruption risk assessment approaches
  • Using four different risk management strategies for the “Fears, Fires, Fleas, and Flaws” segments of your fraud and corruption risks
  • Preventive and detective controls including continuous controls monitoring and transaction monitoring
  • Preparing in advance for potential fraud and corruption investigations and remediation
  • The roles of different parties in fraud and corruption risk management
  • A corporate resiliency self-assessment tool you can use to assess your company

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This book's author is a CFE.
Label Value
ISBN 978-0-470-40517-8
Publisher John Wiley & Sons Publishing
Published Copyright 2009
Pages 208
Format Hardcover

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Can We Eliminate Fraud and Corruption?
Chapter 2 The Growing Risk of Fraud and Corruption
Chapter 3 The Costs of Fraud and Corruption
Chapter 4 Building a Resilient Corporation
Chapter 5 Fraud and Corruption Risk Assessment
Chapter 6 Company-wide Anti-Fraud Controls: The Role of the Control Environment and High-Level Strategies
Chapter 7 Preventive Controls: Particular Fraud and Corruption Avoidance Strategies and Tactics
Chapter 8 Detective Controls and Transaction Monitoring
Chapter 9 Preparing for Fraud and Corruption Investigations and Remediation
Chapter 10 The Players’ Roles (Including Yours)
Chapter Conclusion What the Future May Hold

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