Bribery and Corruption Casebook: The View from Under the Table

Edited By Dr. Joseph T. Wells, CFE CPA and Laura Hymes, CFE

This book’s author is a CFE

Bribery and Corruption Casebook The View from Under the Table


The recent crackdown on bribery and prosecution of cases under the Foreign Corruption Practices Act (FCPA) has made the prevention and mitigation of bribery and corruption a top priority for businesses worldwide. Edited by Dr. Joseph T. Wells, founder and Chairman of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), and Laura Hymes, ACFE Program Manager, Bribery and Corruption Casebook is a revealing collection that lays bare the shady nature of these schemes.

Reflecting the scams that happen everywhere — in politics, private companies, nonprofits and even charities — the cases in this book were written by those who have been on the front lines of investigations. Each case is contributed by a member of the ACFE detailing firsthand accounts of their investigations and their unique perspectives are derived from years of practical involvement. 

You will gather important insights from cases including:

  • “The Hot Tub Highwaymen,” Ted Wendling
  • “Odd Bedfellows,” Jon Cohen, CFE
  • “Kickbacks for Comic Books,” Rafael A. Garcia, CFE
  • “But We Thought He Was Saving Us Millions,” Gary E. Gaugler, CFE, CPA, CFF
  • “The Cleaner Who Swept His Way to the Top,” Shane Ringin

Here, you’ll get a rare insider’s view of how each instance of bribery or corruption was engineered, how it was investigated and how the perpetrators were brought to justice. Bribery and Corruption Casebook is an educational and entertaining picture of this kind of fraud, its destructive impact on organizations and what your business needs to do to be equipped for this new enforcement environment. The cost of bribery and corruption has never been higher for companies throughout the world. Gain invaluable insight into how these crimes are investigated and criminals brought to justice with the cases found in Bribery and Corruption Handbook.

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This book's author is a CFE.
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ISBN 978-1-118-24878-2
Publisher John Wiley & Sons Publishing
Published Copyright 2012
Pages 400
Format Hardcover

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 The Hot-Tub Highwaymen 1 (Ted Wendling)
Chapter 2 Trouble Brewing 13 (Jay Dawdy and Angela Clancy)
Chapter 3 In the State’s Interest 23 (Gary Graff)
Chapter 4 Odd Bedfellows 35 (Jon Cohen)
Chapter 5 When Bribery Becomes a Way of Doing Business 43 (Amine Antari)
Chapter 6 Kickbacks for Comic Books 53 (Rafael A. Garcia)
Chapter 7 Interrupted Production 65 (Carl Knudson)
Chapter 8 High-Plains Grifter 75 (Carolyn Conn, Katie Houston, and Brandon Tanous)
Chapter 9 Getting a Free Ride 85 (William J. Kirby)
Chapter 10 Conflicting Interests, Conflicting Cultures 95 (Douglas M. Watson)
Chapter 11 But We Thought He Was Saving Us Millions 107 (Gary E. Gaugler)
Chapter 12 The Construction of a Fraud 115 (Lorna Leung)
Chapter 13 The Summer Bribe 123 (Mark Dron)
Chapter 14 Brazen Bank Manager 133 (Antonio Ivan S. Aguirre)
Chapter 15 In Bed with the Tax Man 141 (Hanif Habib)
Chapter 16 High-Rise Rollers 149 (Richard F. Woodford, Jr.)
Chapter 17 Decorum Across the International Date Line 159 (Jim Pelczar)
Chapter 18 The Kickback Mine 169 (J. Aaron Christopher)
Chapter 19 A Sweet Deal 177 (Jason Petrusic)
Chapter 20 Da’ Money 187 (Michael Carr)
Chapter 21 The Seemingly Upstanding Citizen 199 (Austine S. M. Adache)
Chapter 22 Big Dangers from a Small Vendor 209 (Kimiharu Chatani)
Chapter 23 A Drop in the Ocean 217 (Ludmila Grechanik)
Chapter 24 The Professor and the Deputy 225 (Paul Keyton)
Chapter 25 Calling for Kickbacks 235 (Anil Kumar)
Chapter 26 Going Green in Mexico 245 (Ronald L. Durkin)
Chapter 27 A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing 253 (Daniel Nita)
Chapter 28 Dances with Fraud 261 (Hank J. Brightman)
Chapter 29 The Corrupt Public Servant 271 (Sandeep Mehra)
Chapter 30 Romance, Jewels and Kickbacks: All in a Day’s Work 279 (Dennis Thomas)
Chapter 31 Power Corrupts and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely 287 (Jim Cali)
Chapter 32 For Love or Money? 299 (John R. Holley)
Chapter 33 Ethical Governance: A Mandate for Outsourcing 309 (Jyoti Khetarpal)
Chapter 34 Friends and Lovers in High Places 319 (Rick Hoye)
Chapter 35 Kickbacks on Demand 329 (Philip Levi)
Chapter 36 High-Flying Ambition 341 (Manjit Chodha)
Chapter 37 The Cleaner Who Swept His Way to the Top 347 (Shane Ringin)
Chapter 38 Sorry, This Fraud Has Been Disconnected 357 (Meric Bloch)
Chapter 39 Bid Rigging and Kickbacks under the Bridge 369 (Edward J. Gaio)

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