A Just Cause: A True Story of Courage, Hope & the Integrity of the American Dream

By James H. Holzrichter, Sr.

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When James H. Holzrichter, Sr. fell into a job with one of the country's largest defense contractors it appeared he had been given a new lease on life. In spite of his absence of advanced degrees, his solid knowledge of electronics and his natural abilities to improve systems led to rapid advancement. As his career advanced, his work increasingly included need-to-know only information on different projects, eventually leading him to discover a billing schemes fraud victimizing the government and taxpayers of the United States. 

"A Just Cause" will provide you with an inside look at what can be involved in becoming a whistleblower by sharing a firsthand account of one man’s experience taking on a powerful and dishonest corporation, from discovery of wrongdoing to legal resolution.


Product Details

Label Value
ISBN 978-0-989-16761-1
Publisher James H Holzrichter Consultancy
Published Copyright 2013
Pages 256
Format Paperback

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 A Family on the Brink
Chapter 2 A Mirage of Hope
Chapter 3 The Devil’s First Minions
Chapter 4 The Handler and the Abyss
Chapter 5 Into the Deep
Chapter 6 An Investigation at Risk
Chapter 7 Desperate Moves
Chapter 8 An Awkward Dance of Foes
Chapter 9 Noble Efforts – Rapid Decline
Chapter 10 Of Depositions, Dispositions, & Boulders Up the Hill
Chapter 11 Changes in Tides
Chapter 12 A Judge Interrupted
Chapter 13 Building a Case in Earnest
Chapter 14 When Worlds Collide
Chapter 15 A Little Matter of Meaning

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