Techno Crimes and the Evolution of Investigations

By Walt Manning, CFE

This book’s author is a CFE

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Techno Crimes and the Evolution of Investigations


Technology is growing exponentially, and techno-crimes are evolving faster than legal systems, law enforcement, and investigators. Criminals use technologies such as darknets, cryptocurrencies, the Internet of Things, "Cosmos" computing, deepfakes, and data poisoning to commit crimes and hide evidence of their activity. Developing technologies including autonomous vehicles, bio-hacking, decentralized networks, brainwave hacking, and augmented or virtual reality will create new types of crime that have never before existed.

In "Techno-Crimes and the Evolution of Investigations" you will learn why technology will force investigations to transform into a completely different profession than exists today and why legal systems, law enforcement, security, and audit will also need to evolve to have a chance to be effective in this environment. Additionally, you will learn about the different types of techno-crimes, the challenges that they present and receive recommendations to be effective and successful in this era of exponential change.

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This book's author is a CFE.
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ISBN 978-1737685210
Publisher Technocrime Press
Published Published 2021
Pages 287
Format Paperback

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