Data Sleuth

By Leah Wietholter, CFE, PI

This book’s author is a CFE

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"Data Sleuth" presents a practical, hands-on approach to forensic accounting engagements and fraud investigations. In this book, you will discover processes, best practices, step-by-step explanations and overarching strategies to help financial investigators and forensic accountants deliver results for their clients and grow their practices.

In the book, Leah Wietholter, CFE explains her proprietary Data Sleuth® process, why it’s necessary and how it fits into typical forensic accounting engagements and fraud investigations. She also lays out a complete framework for its implementation.


  • Explore the importance of proving the twin purposes of using data to uncover personal benefit and intent to prove fraud and examines the concept of risk-based analysis in financial investigations.
  • Discover how to analyze financial data in the Data Sleuth process using Excel to systematize common steps in the investigative process resulting in consistent, reliable work products.
  • Learn the ethical importance of retaining an independent and evidence-based point of view, especially when testifying as an expert witness.

Including downloadable supplemental resources, like a Fraud Detection Work sheet and other Data Sleuth process organizational templates, "Data Sleuth" offers techniques for using the best available data sources for working through problem-­solving processes that address the ­challenges of imperfect information.

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This book's author is a CFE.
Label Value
ISBN 978-1119834380
Publisher Wiley
Published Published 2022
Pages 288
Format Hardcover

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