Tracers in the Dark: The Global Hunt for the Crime Lords of Cryptocurrency

Andy Greenberg

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"Tracers in the Dark" is a story of crime and pursuit unlike any other. With unprecedented access to the major players in federal law enforcement and private industry, veteran cybersecurity reporter and keynote speaker at the 34th Annual ACFE Global Fraud Conference Andy Greenberg tells an astonishing saga of criminal empires built and destroyed. He introduces an IRS agent with a defiant streak, a Bitcoin-tracing Danish entrepreneur, and a colorful ensemble of hardboiled agents and prosecutors as they delve deep into the crypto-underworld. The result is a thrilling, globe-spanning story of dirty cops, drug bazaars, trafficking rings and the biggest takedown of an online narcotics market in the history of the Internet.

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ISBN 978-0385548090
Publisher Doubleday
Published November 2022
Pages 384 Pages
Format Hardcover

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