The Expert Witness Marketing Book

By Rosalie Hamilton

Book cover for The Expert Witness Marketing Book


Written specifically for expert witnesses, this book directs the litigation support professional away from generic marketing approaches such as consumer-oriented advertising and guides them to the conservative approach appropriate for the legal market. This book will show you how to reach the attorneys and insurance professionals who can use your expertise — through networking, taking advantage of free publicity, listing your services with referral agencies and in expert witness directories, advertising in legal publications, promoting on the Internet, producing a newsletter and more.

Other highlights of this book include: 

  • Defines the specific professional approach required for the legal market
  • Guides you on management issues such as fee setting and contracts
  • Teaches you how to network and become known at little or no cost
  • Translates the cyber babble of Internet marketing
  • Shows you, step by step, how to write a brochure, publish a newsletter and create ads

Product Details

Label Value
ISBN 0-9723237-3-2
Publisher Expert Communications
Published Copyright 2013
Pages 253
Format Hardcover

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Opening Statements
Chapter 2 Planning
Chapter 3 Fees
Chapter 4 Contracts
Chapter 5 Database
Chapter 6 Basic Business Communications
Chapter 7 Networking
Chapter 8 Publicity
Chapter 9 Direct Mail
Chapter 10 Referral Services
Chapter 11 Advertising
Chapter 12 Directory Listings
Chapter 13 The Internet
Chapter 14 Insurance Industry
Chapter 15 Closing Arguments

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