The Audit Committee Handbook, Fifth Edition

By Louis Braiotta, Jr., Trent Gazzaway, Robert Colson, Sridhar Ramamoorti, CFE

This book’s author is a CFE

This book's author is a CFE.

Cover of the Audit Committee Handbook
The Anti-Corruption Handbook: How to Protect Your Business in the Global Marketplace


The classic handbook to audit committee responsibilities — completely updated to cover the latest guidance with practical insights on the new functions of the audit committee. Now containing the newest regulatory guidance impacting audit committees, including new chapters on audit oversight and updated discussions on fraud risk, the Fifth Edition helps your audit committee plan its agenda and achieve its mission in corporate governance. 

"The Audit Committee Handbook, Fifth Edition" guides you to: 

  • Understand the role and responsibilities of the audit committee with a general update and reality check on auditing cycle activities
  • Identify the developments that impact audit committee practices and the most current techniques and strategies for committee meetings
  • Develop a repertoire of effective strategies to help the board of directors discharge its fiduciary responsibility to shareholders
  • Prepare a periodic assessment of professional development activities and an informed review of both audit processes and financial reporting processes

"The Audit Committee Handbook"  is a must-have for all audit committee members, board directors, CEOs, CFOs and auditors fighting fraud.

Product Details

This book's author is a CFE.
Label Value
ISBN ISBN 978-0-470-56048-8
Publisher John Wiley & Sons Publishing
Published Copyright 2010
Pages 400
Format Hardcover

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Corporate Accountability: Focus on the Audit Committee
Chapter 2 Audit Committees: Basic Roles and Responsibilities
Chapter 3 The External Users of Financial Reporting Information
Chapter 4 The Legal Environment of the Audit Committee
Chapter 5 Rules of the Road: Financial Reports and Their Audits
Chapter 6 Planning the External Audit
Chapter 7 Planning the Internal Audit
Chapter 8 Monitoring the System of Internal Control
Chapter 9 Evaluating the Internal and External Audit Function
Chapter 10 Communications Between Auditors and Audit Committees
Chapter 11 A Perspective on Fraud and the Auditor
Chapter 12 The Audit Committee, Corporate Culture, and Tone at the Top
Chapter 13 Independent Auditors' Reports
Chapter 14 The Audit Committee's Report and Concluding Observations

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