Red Notice: A True Story of High Finance, Murder and One Man's Fight for Justice

By Bill Browder

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This is a story about an accidental activist. Bill Browder started out his adult life as the Wall Street maverick whose instincts led him to Russia just after the breakup of the Soviet Union, where he made his fortune.

Along the way he exposed corruption, and when he did, he barely escaped with his life. His Russian lawyer Sergei Magnitsky wasn’t so lucky: he ended up in jail, where he was tortured to death. That changed Browder forever. He saw the murderous heart of the Putin regime and has spent the last half decade on a campaign to expose it. Because of that, he became Putin’s number one enemy, especially after Browder succeeded in having a law passed in the United States — The Magnitsky Act — that punishes a list of Russians implicated in the lawyer’s murder. Putin famously retaliated with a law that bans Americans from adopting Russian orphans.

A financial caper, a crime thriller, and a political crusade, "Red Notice" is the story of one man taking on overpowering odds to change the world, and also the story of how, without intending to, he found meaning in his life.

Product Details

Label Value
ISBN 978-1476755748
Publisher Simon & Schuster
Published Copyright 2015
Pages 416
Format Paperback

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Persona non grata
Chapter 2 How do you rebel against a family of communists?
Chapter 3 Chip and Winthrop
Chapter 4 "We can get you a woman to keep you warm at night"
Chapter 5 The bouncing Czech
Chapter 6 The Murmansk trawler fleet
Chapter 7 La Leopolda
Chapter 8 Greenacres
Chapter 9 Sleeping on the floor in Davos
Chapter 10 Preferred shares
Chapter 11 Sidanco
Chapter 12 The magic fish
Chapter 13 Lawyers, guns, and money
Chapter 14 Leaving Villa d'Este
Chapter 15 And we all fall down
Chapter 16 Tuesdays with Morrie
Chapter 17 Stealing analysis
Chapter 18 Fifty percent
Chapter 19 A threat to national security
Chapter 20 Vogue CafeĢ€
Chapter 21 The G8
Chapter 22 The raids
Chapter 23 Department K
Chapter 24 "But Russian stories never have happy endings"
Chapter 25 High-pitched jamming equipment
Chapter 26 The riddle
Chapter 27 DHL
Chapter 28 Khabarovsk
Chapter 29 The ninth commandment
Chapter 30 November 16, 2009
Chapter 31 The Katyn Principle
Chapter 32 Kyle Parker's war
Chapter 33 Russell 241
Chapter 34 Russian untouchables
Chapter 35 The Swiss accounts
Chapter 36 The tax princess
Chapter 37 Sausage making
Chapter 38 The Malkin delegation ; Justice for Sergei
Chapter 39 Humiliator, humiliatee
Chapter 40 Red notice
Chapter 41 Feelings

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