Madoff with the Money

By Jerry Oppenheimer

Cover of the book Madoff with the Money


"Madoff with the Money" is a deeply disturbing portrait of Bernie Madoff based on dozens of exclusive, news-making interviews. From the values Madoff was taught growing up in the working class town of Laurelton, Queens to his high-life on Wall Street and the super-rich enclaves of Palm Beach and the French Riviera, bestselling author Jerry Oppenheimer follows the disgraced money manager's trail as he works his way up the social and economic ladder, and eventually scams his trusting clients in a $50 billion Ponzi scheme. 

Through Oppenheimer's in-depth reporting, you'll discover new revelations in this startling case, and become familiar with the trusting victims-ranging from non-profit Jewish charities to the likes of seemingly sophisticated individuals such as actress Jane Fonda who would "like to shake Madoff until his teeth fall out," the scion of the Baskin-Robbins ice cream empire who lost a bundle and was forced to rent out rooms in his house, and New Jersey Senator Frank Lautenberg. There's even Madoff's own sister-in-law and talk show host Larry King, who apparently didn't ask the right questions when he invested. All lost their much-needed life savings, while others saw fortunes small and large evaporate in the greedy financial operations of one of history's all-time charlatans.

Product Details

Label Value
ISBN 978-0-470-50498-7
Publisher John Wiley & Sons
Published Copyright 2009
Pages 272
Format Hardcover

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Beginning of the End
Chapter 2 Growing Up a Madoff
Chapter 3 Bernie Hobnobs with the Wealthy, Strong-Arms Some Pals, and Courts "Josie College"
Chapter 4 From Queens to Alabama, Scamming Homeowners and Hustling Stock
Chapter 5 Tying the Knot and Giving Uncle Sam the Business
Chapter 6 A Borscht Belt Summer Camp Sets the Stage for Bernie's Ponzi Scheme
Chapter 7 Moving On Up
Chapter 8 The Bagel Baker Becomes a Financial Guru, and the Mob Boys from Rockford Pay a Visit
Chapter 9 "Whatever You Do, Kid, Never Invest a Penny in the Stock Market, Because It's Run by Crooks and Sons of Bitches"
Chapter 10 A Madoff Speaks Out and an Empty Promise
Chapter 11 Mr. Outside versus Mr. Inside versus the SEC
Chapter 12 Life inside the Madoff Piggy Bank, Flashing the Plastic, and Losing the Farm
Chapter 13 A Family (and Sometimes an Office) Affair
Chapter 14 Another Arrest, and Blood Relatives Get Taken to the Cleaners

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